5 things you may be doing that damage your hair

Cher’s long, jet black hair in the 70s. Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel haircut” and its to-die-for volume in the 90s. Beyonce’s locks.

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Hair goals, aren’t they? Us ladies just want to maintain healthy, luscious locks all the time – lockdown or not.

But sometimes, we’re doing more harm than good to our crowning glory... often, unbeknownst to us. We may think we’re looking after our hair as best as we could, but at times they turn out to be a disservice to our hair.

For starters, hair goes through wear and tear daily, in more ways than one. What you consider hair care may actually be damaging to it.

To resolve this, a good place to start is understanding how we may be causing harm to it.

And for this, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ways you may be damaging your hair, and a few tips to turn it around.



1. Brushing your hair too much 

Remember that hair care advise to brush your hair with 100 strokes daily? Yeah that’s a myth.

Brushing your hair too much can damage your hair, and even more severe when it’s still wet and most elastic (which makes it more prone to breakage).

Here are some tips to avoid damaging your hair when brushing: 

  • Apply post-shower conditioner or leave-in treatment while your hair is still wet.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to “brush” your hair and gently untangle those lumps of strands.
  • If your hair is naturally fine, avoid using brush as it may cause your hair to break from the static created from repeated brushing.
  • You don’t need to brush your hair repeatedly than what’s necessary. When you have successfully untangled hair, leave it be and avoid brushing throughout the day.
  • Once the tangles are gone, comb from the scalp as this can distribute the natural oil throughout your hair and prevent snaps and split-ends.

2. Applying heat on your hair 

Well-styled hair and glamming are all good. But repeatedly applying heat for the sake of varying styles may not be as healthy for your locks. If you love your hair straightener, curlers and/or blow-dryer, then this may not sound like much of good news right now. But believe me, you’ll thank us later.

The extreme heat from these tools can easily fry your hair. And when used repeatedly and consistently, it may cause long-term damage to your tresses.

Here are some tips to avoid damaging your hair when brushing:

  • When you can, avoid using straighteners, curlers and blow dryers. Give your hair some breathing room and a period to rest from extreme heat. Wear your natural locks and be proud of it!
  • If you really must, spray some thermal protection before using these tools. Or use the lowest heat possible.
  • When blow-drying, pick the cold over hot air option.
  • Use hair conditioner or oils to make your hair a bit stronger and protected from extreme heat. 

3. Styling it too much

If your work requires you to style your hair often, or you can’t get out of the house without simply wearing your hair down, then constant styling this may cause some damage to your tresses as well.

There are a few ways styling your hair too much may be causing more harm than good. First, you may be applying styling products that helps for long-lasting hold. These products may have strong chemicals that are not good for your hair.

Second, if you like pulling your hair back in a corn crow, tight bun or ponytail, then this may cause tears and damage to your locks. And if you use rubber bands to tie your hair, then this is a double whammy.

Here are some tips to avoid damaging your hair from styling too much:

  • Don’t tie your hair back too tight. Wear your bun or ponytail loosely.
  • Avoid using rubbery hair bands and instead use those elastic, bubble ones.


4. Using weave and hair extensions 

Now this is somehow related to #3. When you wear weaves and hair extensions, they tend to pull your hair so tight causing breakage. Now this isn’t to say you can’t get your weaves and extensions… because who wouldn’t want long Cher-in-the-70s-like locks right? 

So here are some tips to avoid damaging your hair when using weave and hair extensions:

  • Make the weave light to avoid pulling.
  • Get your weaves from only the professionals and specialist salons.
  • Wear them for three months max so you give your hair a much needed break.
  • Apply scalp care and keep it in proper hygiene.

And if you can manage to wait a bit, here are some tips for how to make your hair grow faster.

5. Hair treatments or services like bleaching, dyes, or straightening 

Sometimes we just want to change things up and get a different look. Brunettes may want bleaching or a bit of lighter shade. Blondes may want to go full-on brunette. Some may want to change into permanent beach waves or curly ones may want to have straight hair that no strands fall out of place. 

Again, we get it. We love to try out new looks (and even keep them for long).

So here are some tips to avoid damaging your hair when you want to go through certain hair treatments: 

  • Leave ample time and space in between touch-ups. Especially in winter when air is relatively dry, stretch the period in between touchups to as much as 10 weeks (even longer).
  • Avoid doing multiple treatments/services at a time. If you choose to go through hair rebond, opt out of perm or bleaching.
  • Use conditioner to make your hair more luscious (and avoid those really dry, tangled hair moments post-shower).
  • After a treatment, and especially right after, avoid getting under the sun too much. But if the day is just so beautiful it’s hard to pass up on the beach, then apply a leave-on conditioner or wear protection, i.e. wide-brimmed hat.



We just love doing and playing around with our hair sometimes that we can’t help but go through treatments and activities that, when done thoughtlessly, would damage our hair. So keep these tips with you when doing these 5 things and you’ll see your beloved hair loving you back.

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