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7 hair care tips celebrities swear by

by Tina Sendin May 14, 2020

7 hair care tips celebrities swear by

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities keep their picture-perfect mane shiny and luscious despite everyday styling, ironing, curling, and dyeing?

Here are some of their tried-and-tested hair care tips, which you can easily do in the comforts of your home!



Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston are just some of the celebs who swear by the power of vitamins.

Irresistible hair starts from within – and quite literally at that. Good nutrition is essential for keeping luscious hair.


Biotin or vitamin B7 has been known for years as an essential ingredient for keeping healthy hair. In fact, many hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, creams, oils, and other biotin containing products claim that they can lead to full, thick and shiny locks!

Aside from eating a well-balanced diet and having more milk and nuts into your meals, you can also get biotin easily through dietary supplements.

To find out more about biotin, read this article: Want full, shiny, luscious hair? Here’s what you need


Oil and serum

Celebrities use and abuse their hair with nonstop blow-drying and styling. If left unattended, these could lead to brittle hair and breakage.

How do they prevent this? Oil and serum.

Apply protective oil or serum when exposing your hair to heat, like when you’re using a curling iron, hair straightener or blow dryer. These products can help you avoid hair damage and maintain the fresh-looking mane.

Emma Watson uses natural moisturizers like argan oil and coconut oil to steer clear of split ends.


Elizabeth Hurley goes to bed with a generous mix of conditioner and coconut oil once every few months.

Zoe Kravitz also uses coconut oil or rosemary oil to keep her scalp healthy and prevent her curly hair from drying.



If you have to stay all day under the sun, whether because of photo shoots by the beach or filming outdoors, then you’re exposing your crowning glory to harsh sun. (If your skin feels the burn, your hair definitely does too!)

Victoria Beckham uses a very simple technique to protect her famous bob from the heat – wearing a hat during the summer months.



Managing long, curly hair

Long, voluminous hair will never go out of trend. It’s that classy, feminine look that many women dream of.

But keeping it tangle-free may not be as easy behind the scenes! Just remember those moments of waking up in the morning with unkempt hair, like someone vacuumed it while you’re asleep.

Cesar Ramirez, hairstylist for celebrities like Ciara, Beyonce and Madonna, gives a few tricks for maintaining long or curly hair.


This Vogue article puts together his trade secrets for keeping his clients’  long or curly hair at bay: [1, 2]

He recommends that you avoid tangles in the mornings by sleeping with your hair separated into either one or two braids. Sleep on a silk pillowcase or use a scarf tied around your head to protect the fine hairs around your hairline and prevent damage. Finally, mist your hair and brush it out. Start at the ends using a paddle brush with soft bristles, and then gently comb through the roots.

Keira Knightly also recommends using conditioners on her naturally curly mane two to three times weekly. She also uses her fingers to twist each curl and using a wide tooth comb while it’s still wet to achieve definition without using any heat.


Clean hair don’t care

Karlie Kloss believes clean hair is everything. She says, "My favorite hair day starts with washing it at night, going to bed with it air-dried, slightly damp and then waking up the next morning with really good bed head texture." [3]


Fellow Victoria Secret Angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley agrees. According to her: [3]

"A good hair for me would start with having washed it the night before. Right now I'm using shampoo from Sachajuan, and then I'll blow dry my hair and flip my head upside down and take a big round brush and blow it out. You can do a very mini version of a hairdressing salon blow out that way.”


Natural volume with the right technique

Celebs have also found their own way of achieving that voluminous look without getting too fussed with all those hair equipment.

Blake Lively’s technique for achieving natural volume has to do with teasing and duct tapes: [4]

 “Lots of L’Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray. Always Elnett. It’s funny – you think I’m just saying that because I work with L’Oréal, but I’ve been on shoots for other companies where they may have a competing beauty line and they actually cover the Elnett with duct tape. Everyone uses it. And then to finish, a little teasing at the roots. Especially when you have body down at the bottom it can get flat at the top. I know people like to tease tight with a comb, but I like getting a big soft bristle brush and do two big strokes inwards towards the parting. Then you can shake it and it all looks messier and mussier.” 

Meanwhile, Winnie Harlow also swears by using a deep conditioner as a leave-in as it’s “good for defining my curls.” She also adds a tiny bit of gel on top it really tames your hair when it dries.” [3]


Chloë Sevigny's trick also deserves a bottoms up: [5]

“I try and dry the roots upside-down so it doesn’t lie flat – I’ve learned the tricks of the trade. And I do a cool rinse at the ends.” 


No sulfates

Charlize Theron’s hair care tip is plain and simple – it’s veering away from sulfates.

“I have no attachment to my hair – I’m excited about changing it and I always think that if I hate it, it’s going to grow back. Most of the time it’s the work I’m doing at that moment that is influencing it. In terms of products I’ve definitely noticed the difference between sulfate and non-sulfate formulas, so that’s my one thing I won’t change – my hair products have to have no sulfates in.”








Tina Sendin
Tina Sendin


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