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How to choose the right hair growth supplement

by Tina Sendin May 19, 2020

How to choose the right hair growth supplement

Finding yourself picking up a whole ball of hair from the sink? Spotting hair strands all over the floor? Or losing a lot of hair when you run your hands through it in the shower?

If you’re sitting there wondering “My hair is falling out - what do I do?” then you’re one of the many Americans who suffer from hair loss.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women in the US suffer from hair loss before they hit 40. [1]

It can be frustrating and devastating to the self-esteem, and we totally feel you!

We've created this article to help you find out the vitamins that can get you your glorious hair back. We’ll also give you tips on finding the right hair growth supplement for you.

What are the best vitamins for hair growth

You may be losing hair, but all’s not lost. The good news about hair loss is there’s a whole heap of fixes and remedies available.

And we can always start with the natural one - knowing the right vitamins, nutrients and minerals that help hair grow. Just like you, hair needs these to remain healthy and strong. [2] So when these are lacking, deficiencies manifest through hair loss.

Below are some of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your hair needs to grow:



Also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, biotin helps convert certain nutrients into energy and helps keep your nails, hair and skin healthy. To know more about biotin, read the article “Want full, shiny, luscious hair? Here’s what you need


Fatty acids

Wonder what vitamin and nutrient can hydrate your hair? Two words - fatty acids. It also nurtures the scalp and gives you that shiny, full-bodied hair.



This mineral can give you those thick hair goals! Zinc is believed to inhibit the creation of the natural steroid DHT, which contributes to pattern baldness.


Amino acids

You need protein for your hair, and amino acids - its building blocks - can provide that. Proteins help with hair growth by producing more hair follicles and make your hair stronger. With enough amino acids, you can say goodbye to hair breakage.


B vitamins

Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 are all essential in breaking down amino acids and preventing those pesky dandruff flakes and hair loss. B5 also plays a major role in nourishing your follicle cells; it makes your hair shine, keep its original color, and become stronger.


Vitamin A

The fastest growing tissue in the human body, hair needs Vitamin A to grow. This vitamin helps produce the oily substance in the skin glands called sebum, which nourishes the scalp and keeps your mane healthy. [3]


Vitamin C

As an antioxidant, vitamin C prompts iron metabolism, synthesises collagen, and helps regenerate Vitamin E.


Vitamin E

This vitamin is your best friend when it comes to fighting free radicals. With enough vitamin E in your system, your hair is protected against oxidative stress.


3 PRO tips to getting the right hair growth supplement

Here are some top tips to help you find the best hair growth supplement for your hair. It’ll keep you from aimlessly walking about the shop looking for the right product!


Talk to your doctor.

Check with your doctor whether you have any nutrient deficiencies. Consult as well for any other ingredient that may cause you allergies and other adverse effects.

More importantly, supplements can be counter-productive if you’re not nutrient deficient and you go overboard. Dosage that’s more than your body needs may be detrimental for you. So work with your doctor in determining the right supplement, and if you need it.


Read the label.

Now that you know the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are key to hair growth, the next step is for you to check the label. Try to spot those mentioned above.


Go natural.

Steer clear of non-natural or chemical ingredients. Pick the ones that are plant-based and coming from organic sources.

And here’s a hint that can tell you whether a hair growth supplement is A-grade or not:

If you find extracts from bamboo stems, stinging nettle root, saw palmetto berry, and horsetail, flaxseed oil, borage oil, then you have a winner. 

You don't really need to have all these in one package, but it's usually a good sign if a product has most of it.


Why you should use hair growth supplements

Hair loss is a manifestation of nutritional deficiencies. Your hair, just like any other body part, needs enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients to be in its tiptop shape.

If you fall short on these from your regular diet, supplements can definitely help fill the void.

Research says that supplements are best for people who are deficient. [4]

Long story short, one way of getting a full head of hair is by having a well-balanced diet that contains the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your hair needs.

And if needed, getting the right hair growth supplement for you.







Tina Sendin
Tina Sendin


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