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VALI Electrolyte Salts - Hydration Support
Donald J.L. (United States)

The pills are now longer (pill on the left in the photo), and they barely fit into my pillbox. So now when I need a pill while riding the bike, I end up dropping two or three on the ground while trying to wedge them out of the pillbox.

The best product I've used for urinary issues

I've been using this product for over a year and I've also purchased it for all of my daughters for prevention if they feel the need. It has kept my symptoms (which are chronic at times) away. I try not to take antibiotics at all and this has helped a great deal.

61-year-old musician losing his focus...



Me ayudan con mi insomnio ocasional

Love this product

My thoughts

I like the D-Mannise and the price is good because you always has some special


Awesome !!!

Have no PMS at all,great stuff,will continue to buy it.

Perfect time release caffeine supplement

Vali's time release caffeine supplement is the only caffeine supp. that I can take. It is just enough caffeine to get you going without making you anxious. Also, many caffeine supplements cause me to get a migraine but this one does not. It seems to have a very smooth release system so that you don't get varying amounts throughout th day. The price is right also. Thanks Vali!

I find it helps me feel less depressed during the day, without interfering with my night's sleep.

So far so good

I don’t want to consider it a coincidence that I no longer am getting utis. I’m on my 3rd bottle

Need help to pay and get some of the D Mannose, off of your site.

I have been trying for next to an hour to purchase some of your D-Mannose, however, when I go to pay for same, it won't allow me to go any further. I would like to try this out..........I need some assistance to finish my purchase.................thanks. Please help me to finish my purchase, for $10.00.......................thank you. Pegi

D Mannose

Good price. Quick delivery. Works as it should.


I have been taking Vali for 1 month an I still have a uti I was hoping this would help but it hasn't

I have not taken enough yet to see what kind of reaction to the product! I will write another review when I feel like it has been enough.
Thanks. Rae

It's wonderful

It helped me


I'm taking the pills every day an hope i don't get a uti again I will let you know because I have them all the time so i hope this keeps me from getting them.

Does what is supposed to do!

It really works!

I was skeptical about your product, but was very pleased that after using it twice as day as directed for a week, it actually cleared up my bladder infection. I will continue to buy your product. Thank you!

Pms renew

Love this, use it consistently from day after ovulation to a few days after period and it works wonders. I usually break up the dose 1 in am and if I still need it I’ll take one more around dinner

Works ok

Been taking these pills for a week. I don't really feel different

So far it is working

Package never received

Please help I never received this package

Urostomy patients

Will this product work if bladder and prostate and ureters have been removed but still having uti’s frequently?

Great product

Giving Valium a Ten on product and customer service.