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The best product I've used for urinary issues

I've been using this product for over a year and I've also purchased it for all of my daughters for prevention if they feel the need. It has kept my symptoms (which are chronic at times) away. I try not to take antibiotics at all and this has helped a great deal.

61-year-old musician losing his focus...



Me ayudan con mi insomnio ocasional

Love this product

Good Old Fashioned, Real Deal Customer Service

Vali cares, no matter how small the transaction. They are consummate professionals. Their communication, superfast shipping and follow up to be sure all went well is indeed exemplary service, in my view. Love the Neuro Force, it works well.

Perfect Caffeine Supplement

The 50mg Caffeine/100 L-Theanine is the best energy boosting supplement I've found. I've tried straight Caffeine and I get too jittery, the L-Theanine is necessary. I've also tried 100mg Caffeine/200 mg L-Theanine and, sometimes, it's just too much. With the 50mg/100mg combo I can get just a little boost or, if I really need it, take a couple. It allows me to get the right amount of caffeine without becoming over caffeinated. Perfect Caffeine Supplement!

Great service and a quality product

Perfect product for my system. Amount of caffeine is just right and there's no huge's a nice, level effect. Customer service at VALI is excellent. I was in contact with them regarding their free bottle offer and they were friendly and helpful.

Vali Renew

I recomend this the every women I know. I have been taking it for a year now. I recently ran out and do to life situations have not been able to purchase more. I have recognize the difference and i am even more of a believer. This is such a great product! Thank you

Great product

I was troubled with UTI's for almost 2 years. A friend told me to try it because she had heard great things about it. I tried it and haven't had an UTI since!

Seems to help when " Stacked" with other sleep/relaxing helpers

When I take Vali sleep well along with say a Passionflower or Valerian tincture
it seems to bring on a calming and relaxed feeling which promotes a restful sleep session

Excellent product

I love this product! I love that there are no added ingredients, just electrolytes. These do not stimulate insulin while providing balance with electrolytes. I highly recommend this product!

Great supplement

Great supplement, great price, have ordered from before and will order from again.

Love these

I like that they’re lower at 50mg, so I can have lower doses the days I don’t need that much caffeine

VALI Sleep Well - Natural Sleep Aid Herbal Sleep Support

Used these on a marathon

Helped me successfully keep cramps away while running a marathon. Glad I found these.

Works great!

The caffeine is dosed just right to give little boosts all day. We love this stuff.

Great product…

Muslim Phd Student here… Ramadan hit right at the same time as finals this year and I needed something that I could take during our pre dawn meal that would last most of the day and keep my mental focus/sharpness and energy levels up through out the day’s fast until sunset. The extended release caffeine and the mental focus supps did the job exceptionally well and I’ll definitely be back for more moving forward. Thanks VALI for the great products!

Miracle Supplement

The D Mannose urinary supplement has literally reversed several UTI’s for me. It’s better than antibiotics and I cannot live without it!!! Life changer.

Love these!

I love the ingredients and they really help without the groggy feeling the next day.


Great product. Works awesome.

Great product

Definitely helped stay hydrated while breastfeeding

capsules broke apart BUT...

I carry salt tabs in my backpack because I sweat a lot while climbing. I put a bunch of these in a smaller bottle to bring along with me. When I went to take one out of the bottle, I saw that they had all broken apart and the bottle was filled with white dust. They were unusable. After I wrote a less than glowing review, the Vali team reached out to make it right. They seemed concerned and are looking into the issue. This is a very good and effective formula so, given the excellent customer service I received, I will be trying another batch! With customer service being almost nonexistent these days, I feel good about working with Vali. Highly recommend!

Hair Strong Works!!!

I don't typically write reviews, but I used this product before and stopped about a year and a half ago, thinking it didn't make a difference. I was definitely wrong! I've started again and noticed a big difference in the shower with my hair not falling out like it used to. It really does work and I would highly recommend Hair Strong!


After battling UTIs for over a year with an array of antibiotics, I have finally found relief. I had tried D-Mannose before but didn't get the results I am getting with this VALI product. I am no longer having frequent UTIs. Thank you VALI!


Thank you