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could i get a free sample?

VALI Electrolyte Salts - Hydration Support
Donald J.L. (United States)

The pills are now longer (pill on the left in the photo), and they barely fit into my pillbox. So now when I need a pill while riding the bike, I end up dropping two or three on the ground while trying to wedge them out of the pillbox.

The best product I've used for urinary issues

I've been using this product for over a year and I've also purchased it for all of my daughters for prevention if they feel the need. It has kept my symptoms (which are chronic at times) away. I try not to take antibiotics at all and this has helped a great deal.

61-year-old musician losing his focus...



Me ayudan con mi insomnio ocasional

Love this product

Neuro Force

I ordered this for my husband and it's really helped him a lot. He ran out for a few weeks and certainly noticed the difference, he's very happy to have them again.


I love these pills. They help me get through the day.

A beginner

I just started so I can’t elaborate too much. I definitely don’t have coffee jitters. Do I have more energy…..yes a little. I take one at 6:30am and one at11:00am. So far, that works for me. I’ll write later after I’ve given it some time

VALI Caffeine & L-Theanine

Love this product, please keep it forever

Hair in crisis

My hair has always been thin but 23 months ago my hair became super thin and broke off. I had it cut down to 2 inches in length. I started a hair vitamin. Months later I saw a bottle of Vali Strong Hair on Amazon. I tried it and people started commenting on how thick my hair looked. I had growth also. It is the only hair vitamin I take now.

Wonderful Product

Great product. Wanting the best for my health and body this product is hands down 100% worth every penny. Love that it is all natural and it actually works. Noticed a difference within a few doses. This company and their products are valid. Glad I found them and I have shared them with my family.
Thank you for making true wholesome products

Haven't had a Uti in almost a year! Great product!

VALI tart cherry uric acid control and cleanse

Works great for me. When symptoms occure it is best time to start to swallow two caplets a day with increased (3-4 cups) intake of water. The pain that is initially mild or less will be gone very quick. I don't know how it works when use in fully blown gout. I did not let it happen since using VALI cherry uric acid control and cleanse. It is good stuff.

D- Mannose

So far it’s doing just what I need! The service when I order is unbelievably fast!

A great morning mental booster!

I have been taking VALI C& L officering for 3 years. Its main effect for me is that reduces my morning anxiety. It takes about 25 minuets to kick in and its effect is very consistent.

Like coffee better

The combination didn’t seem to energize me as much as a cup of coffee or tea, even when I took 2 tablets in fact I felt kind of run down, maybe it was unrelated to the tablets, but I threw them away and went back to a cup of coffee.

5 stars

5 stars

I have been using this D-Mannose for several months. I have had UTI’S many times in my life. I am still trying to find the right drug to help me. Developed infection a month ago so am taking antibiotics again. Will start over again after this is finished and see how it goes again.

UTI is a thing of the past

I have not had a UTI since taking this product, this is my second bottle!

D mannose

So far , I have had little problems since taking d mannose. It seems to be helping me with avoiding UTI’s. The boy reason I didn’t give a 5 was because I don’t like he taste (which is tolerable lol specially if I can avoid UTI’s).

Great Product

Had been using another brand of D-Mannose, but wanted to find one that was made in America. I'm glad I found Vali. Product works as needed, and shipping was fast and efficient. Will order again.

Good ingredients

I'm super sensitive and my cardiologist wanted me to up my salt/electrolyte intake. Other products had so many things I can't have, so I was glad to find these.

My thoughts

I like the D-Mannise and the price is good because you always has some special