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VALI is a nutritional supplement company dedicated to maximizing your health, your happiness, and your performance.

Health, happiness, and performance isn't just a slogan. It's what we want out of life and it's our commitment to you that all VALI supplements are designed from inception to final bottling to enhance your health, increase your happiness, and boost your performance.

VALI started because we started asking questions about the supplements we were taking. Why are supplement formulas full of questionable ingredients? Why are the ingredient doses not disclosed? Why are they so expensive? Do the supplements we take even work?

These are just a few of the many questions we had about the supplement industry. And there had to be a better way to get high quality supplements that work at affordable prices. Too often supplement companies charge exorbitant prices for "brand names" or "special formulations” or other marketing gimmicks like endorsements. But what might be worst of all, so many supplements don’t disclose the exact amount of certain ingredients in the formula! Don’t we have a right to know exactly what we’re consuming?

VALI started because of these frustrations and it exists now to fix these problems in the supplement industry.

VALI Core Values

When we started VALI, we first thought it was about bringing honesty, transparency, and high quality to the supplement industry.

But, we quickly realized that it wasn't just about fixing problems.

It's way more.

It's about.... why are we taking supplements in the first place?

Why care enough to take in more nutrients than from what comes from the food we're already eating?

Why do more?

Without your health nearly everything in life is put on hold. Health is one of the greatest gifts we have, and setting the foundation of health first is necessary before we can pursue other things in life that give us meaning. Hence, the first core value of VALI is health.

After we have our health established comes happiness. We're ready to pursue relationships, meaningful work, friendships, hobbies, and other things in life that give us joy. We live in a present state of happiness when we're pursuing things that are meaningful to us. For this pursuit of happiness we need to maintain a healthy mind and body, hence, the second core value of VALI of happiness.

And finally, after we have our health, and while we're able to pursue our happiness, comes performance, which is optimizing all aspects of our life. To pursue performance is to pursue your best in everything you do. It's to be a better friend, partner, spouse, parent, child, manager, employee, and for all the other roles you play in your life. Pursue performance to be a better performer in all your activities, so you can maximize the meaning and joy in your life. Hence, the third core value of VALI is performance.

These are our core values and we do our best to live by them everyday. From formulating ingredients to making the finishing touches on label designs - health, happiness, and performance are the three core values we always keep at the forefront of our minds.

The VALI Promise

We are committed to providing you with supplements made from the cleanest, highest quality ingredients that give real results with full ingredient transparency on the label. None of our supplements contain proprietary or secret formulas. We disclose everything.

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Our Supplements Are

Suitable for Vegetarians

The ingredients we use in most of our supplements are vegan and suitable for vegetarians. Some of our supplements use healthy functional ingredients that are derived from animals such as collagen. Please see each product label regarding suitability for vegetarians.

Good Manufacturing Practice

We formulate, produce, and package all of our supplements in a cGMP certified eco friendly facility. This ensures proper hygiene, high quality, and health.


We strive to not use ingredients from genetically modified organisms in our supplements. Please check individual products for details. Not every single ingredient we use can be Non-GMO verified at this time, but we’re working on it!

Made in USA

We formulate, produce, and package our supplements in the United States.

FDA Registered Facility

We formulate, produce, and package our supplements in an FDA registered facility under the latest FDA cGMP guidelines.

Third Party Tested

All of our supplements are third party tested. This ensures potency, product integrity, and product efficacy.

Our Guarantee

All our supplements contain premium ingredients and they are formulated to work because your complete happiness is our highest priority and concern. In addition to providing great supplements to you at a great value, we also guarantee above and beyond exceptional customer service.

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your VALI supplement, we’ll refund your purchase with our 100% money back guarantee. Simply contact us here and we can help you!

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