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How to make your hair grow faster

by Tina Sendin August 23, 2019

How to make your hair grow faster

If you want your hair growing like Jennifer Aniston in the Friends era no matter the style, there are many things you can start doing today.

And the good news is, you don’t have to get out of the house and splurge on salon and hair care products. There are things you can easily right this very minute!


*** Hair TLC ***


Start by brushing your hair every night.

If you think it doesn’t matter whether you go unbrushed or not, think again. Giving your locks some much-needed strokes nightly can distribute your hair’s natural oils and keep a healthy circulation, prompting hair to grow faster.


You don’t have to shampoo every day.

By skipping shampoo three days a week (not necessarily back-to-back-to-back), you allow the natural oils to moisturize your hair. Don’t worry too much about smelly hair, as they should still remain clean and fragrant (unless you enter a smoky bar or somewhere with full-on barbecue).


Avoid applying too much heat on your hair.

Using heat styling tools like a blower, curler or straightener a little too often can damage your hair and turn it into one massive frizz. Remember, you don’t need to over-style.  But if you really must, just adjust the temperature a bit and avoid using it too long.


Trim it regularly.

To make your hair grow faster, go for the snip. Sounds like the opposite of what you want to happen? Not really! Going for frequent trims can help get rid of unwanted split ends, which can make your hair weak, dull, frizzy and volume-less.


Steer clear of platinum blonde.

Bleaching your hair is a surefire way of damaging the cuticle of your hair. Say hello to split ends and breakage! So no matter how stylish and vogue-worthy platinum blonde is, just try to fight the temptation in the sake of a full, luscious hair. Wear your natural hair color and work it!


*** Diet ***



Go for protein and iron.

What you eat has a big role to play in growing your hair as fast as possible. Eating lots of protein from foods like lean meat, eggs, fish, whole grains, beans, and nuts can significantly improve the health of your crowning glory. Iron-rich foods like certain beans, green leafy vegetables, iron-fortified cereals, and lean beef make luscious locks happen too. [1]

But if you’re on a vegan diet, you could always go for foods rich in vitamins A, C, E and H (biotin), minerals like zinc.


Fatty isn’t always bad.

Apparently, a diet filled with healthy fats is important in achieving thick, healthy hair. Isn’t that amazing news for avocado lovers? Make sure you get plenty of fats – the good kind – from omega-3 fatty acids and olive oil, as well as salmon, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.


Supplement your diet.

If you feel like you’re not getting enough protein and said vitamins and minerals, you could always go for supplements and multivitamins. VALI Hair Strong has the right combination of these minerals that work together to increase hair growth, volume, and natural shine. Hair Strong also contains key ingredients like Biotin and Collagen, which will help achieve that Jennifer Aniston hair – 90s and now! These ingredients help you achieving glowing skin and stronger nails too!


*** Lifestyle change ***


Check your skin.

Do you want to know whether a product is really doing something good for your hair? Try it on your skin. Your hair is part of your skin, and whatever the condition of your skin is can pretty much tell the health of your hair. Likewise, when a product causes your skin to itch or dry, then it may not be the best product for your locks… even when at first it makes it shiny and full. Make sure the product works best for your skin; then you can rest assured that your hair follicles are not clogged and damaged.


Get enough sleep.

Sleep helps your body recover and get ready for the next day. While sleeping, growth hormones accelerate cell-reproduction and hair growth.

Having trouble sleeping? Then here are a few articles that can give you life hacks and some better-quality snooze:

You can also try VALI Sleep Well, which uses ingredients backed by nature and proven by science to help you maintain a balanced sleep cycle schedule without damaging side effects. (It doesn’t make you dependent for sleeping.) Sleep Well also makes biohacking sleep easier with deodorized Valerian to benefit from this amazing herb without its potent smell!


Fight stress and have less of it.

Stress causes hair loss. Stress triggers various reactions to the body, acne breakouts or weak, delicate nails.

But hair loss is a common manifestation, especially when you go through emotional stress and anxiety. When this happens, your hair gets in a “resting stage” that manifests in falling out. And sometimes, there’s a 3 to 6-month delay between the stressful event and hair loss. [2]

Just think of it this way. When your body is going through a lot of stress, it would go into survival mode and would rather prioritize the more vital functions than hair growth.





Tina Sendin
Tina Sendin


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