How carnitine works and why it is so healthful

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Scientists believe the antioxidant carnitine has proven physical and mental benefits, and a long list of healthful effects that are claimed but not verified yet.

    The substance is an amino acid derivative that occurs naturally. It transports fatty acids into the body's cells, where the fat is used to generate energy. Your body can produce it naturally when you have sufficient vitamin C.

    If carnitine does everything its supporters say, taking supplements of it could well improve your life. And the only people cautioned against taking it are pregnant women and those on certain medications.

    Carnitine may help with weight loss, and scientists are exploring whether it has a positive impact on brain function.

    VALI's Nootropic Cognitive Support supplement

    VALI health supplements use N-acetyl L-carnitine in Neuro Force Nootropic Cognitive Support capsules [5] for its reported benefits in increasing alertness and protecting and repairing neurons. There is also some evidence that L-carnitine alleviates neurological decline and fatigue.

    See this VALI blog [1] on what nootropics are. Excerpt:

    Nootropics are also called "smart drugs" and "cognitive enhancers." The theory holds that they help you think better, remember more, and be more alert, creative, focused, and motivated.


     The type of carnitine in VALI is perhaps the most effective form to help your brain, according to [6]. Studies in animals show it may help prevent mental decline from aging and improve learning. It may also, human studies show, reverse loss of brain function from Alzheimer's. It may also improve brain function in alcoholics.

     One of the benefits of L-carnitine is in fat loss, as this video explains.

    Mitochondria and L-carnitine

    The main role of carnitine is in mitochondrial function and the production of energy, Healthline says [2]. We said earlier that it transports fatty acids into the cells. Specifically, it transports fat into the mitochondria of cells.

    Healthline says carnitine, which is stored in muscles, may promote the healthy function of mitochondria. Mitochondria is involved in healthy aging and warding off disease.

    Carnitine may be used to treat brain and heart and brain diseases at some point. Research is underway about its potential disease-fighting benefits.

    Carnitine comes in different forms. The type VALI uses in Neuro Force [4], as we said, is N-acetyl-L-carnitine or ALCAR.

    Some other benefits of Carnitine

    A WebMd article has a long list of the benefits of carnitine [4]. The site says research has found it is helpful in improving red blood cell counts for dialysis patients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration gives its approval for oral or intravenous treatments in people with serious kidney disease if they have a carnitine deficiency.

    Another area where supplementation is known to be helpful is for who have carnitine deficiency because of a genetic disease.


    Other possible benefits of carnitine:

    • People with chest pain (angina) or cardiac syndrome X seem to be able to stand exercise better on L-carnitine. Cardiac syndrome X involves chest pain without blocked arteries.
    • Patients with heart failure and fluid buildup see their symptoms improve and can increase the amount they exercise.
    • Those with overactive thyroid might benefit from taking L-carnitine. The chemical seems to reduce rapid heartbeat, nervousness, and weakness in patients with high thyroid hormone levels
    • L-carnitine taken with ALCAL may increase the sperm count and sperm mobility in a man. Low sperm count and mobility can prevent women from conceiving. When a man takes carnitine, it may increase the chance of women getting pregnant.
    • Heart patients with myocarditis or swelling of the heart may benefit by taking D,L-carnitine by mouth. It may reduce the risk of dying of the disease.
    • Some women have a hormonal disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome that makes their ovaries too enlarged. When the usual medication, clomiphene, doesn't work L-carnitine helps increase ovulation and the chance of conceiving, helps them lose weight and improves blood sugar levels.

    The WebMd article has a long list of other conditions that there is insufficient evidence to say carnitine helps with. Possible benefits include alleviating acne, fatigue in older adults and cancer patients, male pattern baldness, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, autism, and irregular heartbeat.

    Some people claim carnitine also helps with involuntary weight loss in very sick people, a weakened and enlarged heart, celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, and diabetes.

    Still others hope carnitine can help with dry eye, muscle soreness from exercise, swelling of the liver, high cholesterol and triglycerides, low birth weight, and migraine.

    In addition, there is insufficient evidence for a long list of other conditions that carnitine may help heal or prevent. More research is needed around carnitine and its variations for all the conditions mentioned above.

    Other ingredients in Neuro Force

    VALI's Neuro Force supplement is not just carnitine. Neuro Force's other mental health enhancers are:

    1. DMAE to help with learning and memory; GABA to boost mood and relieve anxiety.
    2. Alpha lipoic acid to protect the brain and help with memory and nerve damage.
    3. L-theanine to promote relaxation, reduce stress. It is used to treat anxiety and memory loss.
    4. Caffeine to improve strength, endurance, coordination reaction time, and to reduce fatigue.
    5. Synapsa, or Bacopa monnieri, an antioxidant used in traditional medicine for longevity, neuron communication, and cognitive enhancement.
    6. N-acetyl l-tyrosine, another amino acid to improve cognition, memory, and wellbeing, and alleviate stress.
    7. L-taurine, an amino acid included to improve mental performance and protect the body from oxidation and stress. Shown to aid in nerve health.