The best reasons to take Keto BHB salts

The best reasons to take Keto BHB salts are that they may help you lose weight and also suppress your appetite.

It's a double whammy.

The human body naturally produces extra beta-hydroxybutyrate BHB salts when you fast, cut intake of carbohydrates, or exercise a lot.

But you can take Keto BHB salt supplements, too, to trick the body into consuming its own fat instead of the sugars produced by the carbs you eat.

Plus, you can achieve a triple whammy by going on a high-fat ketone diet that cuts carbs and makes the body produce its own BHB salts.


The Keto Diet works better than low-fat diets

This study [1], published in the Journal of Nutrition, took a look at very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets (VLCKD) to control obesity. The study's authors analyzed other studies in which subjects ate a diet of less than 50g of carbs a day. Its conclusion:

Individuals assigned to a VLCKD achieve a greater weight loss than those assigned to a LFD [low-fat diet] in the longterm; hence, a VLCKD may be an alternative tool against obesity.

In other words, a very low-carb keto diet works better than a low-fat diet in the long term.

The trick is to follow the diet closely. It can be difficult to do for a few reasons, among them that your food choices are limited, and people just love those sugary, carb-y snacks and foods.

How the ketogenic diet works

The diet works by strictly limiting carbs and relying instead on fats for fuel. Cutting out carbs results in a metabolic condition called ketosis. When you achieve ketosis, the body becomes highly efficient at burning fat and turning fat stored in the liver into ketones, which give energy to the brain.

Such diets can significantly reduce insulin and blood sugar levels, which, when coupled with the extra ketones, deliver health benefits, too.

The health benefits of a keto diet

While more research is needed, there is some evidence that the ketogenic diet can help combat conditions besides obesity, according to Healthline [2]. Among the diseases the diet may help with are:

  • Neurological conditions and epilepsy. It has been shown to reduce seizures in children.
  • Heart disease by lowering body fat, blood sugar, and blood pressure, and increasing good cholesterol.
  • Cancer because it may slow the growth of tumors.
  • Alzheimer's disease by reducing symptoms and slowing the progression of the disease.
  • Parkinson's disease by reducing symptoms.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome by reducing insulin, which may be one of the causes of the syndrome.
  • Brain injuries.

What to eat and what not to eat on the keto diet

The foods you can enjoy on the keto diet include any kind of meat, including steak and red meat, bacon, sausage, chicken, turkey and ham. Good fish to eat includes salmon, tuna, trout, and mackerel. Other good foods include eggs, butter, cream and cheese; nuts and seeds; extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.; avocados and low-carbohydrate vegetables like greens, tomatoes, onions and peppers.

A dietitian explains the ketogenic diet for beginners.

The foods to avoid include sugary foods like soda, smoothies, fruit juice, candy, cake, ice cream; rice, pasta, cereal, wheat products; all fruit except small portions of berries; potatoes, carrots; peas, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas; mayonnaise, processed vegetable oil; beer, wine and liquor; and sugar-free diet foods.

A keto supplement to boost the keto diet

VALI's Keto BHB Salts [3] supplement are designed to work alongside the keto diet. The product contains: KetoVantage Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, KetoVantage Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, and KetoVantage Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate,all exogenous ketones, or ketones produced outside the body. They help your body enter ketosis to burn ketones (fat) for fuel instead of glucose (carbohydrates).

VALI Keto BHS Salts [4] also contain L-leucine, an essential amino acid used in the production of protein for boosting muscle growth and increasing athletic performance.

VALI keto salts are easy to take because they are capsules.

The VALI blog has a posting titled "Ketone supplement: Why ketone BHB salts can help your keto diet." [5] That blogs says:

If you’re on a keto diet and looking for something that can aid your dietary patterns and low-carb lifestyle, then keto BHB salts may be a good supplement for you.

VALI Keto BHB Salts are convenient, portable, tasteless, on the go exogenous ketones for ketosis on demand. In fact, you can take ketosis with you wherever you go! No taste and no mixing powders. Get into ketosis faster and fuel your mind and body with clean and efficient ketogenic fuel.

VALI Keto BHB Salts can help accelerate ketosis and raise blood ketone levels to improve athletic performance, recovery, mental clarity, increase energy, and help your weight management with proper diet and exercise.

The VALI blog also has a two-part blog titled "9 Tips on Supercharging Your Ketone Diet."Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.