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10 signs you may be going through a lot of stress

by Tina Sendin April 25, 2019

10 signs you may be going through a lot of stress

Stress not only makes us irritable, but it can also trigger many medical conditions that can potentially impact our health.

One of the ways stress negatively affects us is by decreasing our energy levels, making us fatigued and lackadaisical.

It’s often easier to notice when a friend or family is stressed out. But it’s usually tricky to spot it within ourselves.

Here are 10 signs you may be going through a lot of stress without you knowing it:


Eternal exhaustion 

Eternal may be a bit of an exaggeration, but if you find yourself constantly feeling tired, that’s a surefire sign that you’re too stressed. The physical effects of your body coping with stress – especially with overdrive in cortisol and adrenaline – can sap you of energy.



Lower immune system

Stress can make you more susceptible to infections and illnesses. Stress hormones like cortisol affect immune cells and prevent them from working properly. For instance, if you’re stressed from one too many business trips and you easily catch the flu from the plane, you know why this is the case.





Hair loss

Have you ever brushed your hair and felt like it just moved from your head to the brush? We normally lose 100 strands of hair a day, but when you’re too stressed it hurts, it alters the way your body functions. Too much hair in your sink or brush could be a red alert that you’re overstressed. Step back and take a breather. To keep your hair strong and luscious, you can take daily supplements to increase hair growth, volume, and natural shine. 



Mood changes

Sometimes, mood swings may be due to hormones. Other times, they’re due to the external environment. Stressors and everyday worries can take a toll on our overall health – not just physically but also mentally. Stress is the panic button your system pushes to fire up the loose cannon in us. So it’s key to take a breather and make a hard decision to recharge.




Obsessive thoughts

If you can hardly focus and find yourself obsessed with racing thoughts, it’s your body screaming for rest and relaxation. If you’re out of the office but all you can think about are your pending deliverables during dinner with friends, that’s typically a telltale sign you need to take a step back and compartmentalize your thoughts. Make a conscious decision to be present in the now and be grateful for all the amazing things happening to you.




Weight variations

Ever had days when you're just too stressed you can't eat? Or maybe you've got too much worries that all you want to do is reach out for the pack of chips? If you are experiencing either of these, then it's time to take a time out and have a breather.



Sleep disorders

One of the most frustrating things at night is to lie in bed, tossing and turning. You know you have to be sleeping but all you can think of is the countdown to how many hours are left until your waking time. It could also go the other way and have more hours than your usual sleep time, and still wake up feeling so tired. If you are experiencing any of these sleep problems, try not to stress. The last thing you want is to get stressed from being stressed. You can get some reinforcement from herbal supplements which can help you sleep well.



Anxiety and restlessness

If you constantly feel bogged down by anxious thoughts, it’s likely the stress pulling you down. Consider anxiety and restlessness as signals to relax and discover ways by which you can focus on positive and happy thoughts and memories.



Lack of patience

If you find yourself often on a short fuse, even with minor things that get you easily upset, then it’s your body telling you to slow down. Life can’t always be rainbows and butterflies. We can’t change our circumstances and the only thing we can control is how we respond to situations. Take a time out and chill.




Aches and pains

Have you ever had the unpleasant feeling of a stiff neck or those nagging shoulder and back pains? Slow down your pace. Otherwise, other symptoms will arise and lead to headaches and problems in your digestive system.




If you feel like your stress is a lot, and you are doing all you can to decrease the stress, but you still need to get things done, try taking the powerful duo of caffeine and L-theanine. Caffeine and L-Theanine work together to help you concentrate and stay focused without the jitters, crashes, and anxiety that can come from caffeine alone.


    Tina Sendin
    Tina Sendin


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